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G4 LED Bulbs

Ready to make the switch to LED and want to find out more? Well, you’ve landed to the right page. G4 LED spotlights consume very, very little energy. In fact, they’re one of the lowest energy consuming LEDs around. You’ll find them under cooker hoods, shelves and kitchen cabinets, which is largely a result of their diminutive size. They operate at 12V, which is probably different to your current mains supply (240 V). This means you may need a transformer that converts the mains supply to the required 12V. As with everything, you need to guard against paying peanuts for a product that doesn’t feature the latest technology or is made with dud components, while still getting value for money. So, now you might have understood why to go for G4 LED bulbs for your home. So what are you waiting for, get them installed in your home today!