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MR16 LED Bulbs

With the increasing popularity of LED light bulbs, there are a variety of MR-compatible LED lamps available for purchase today. MR16 LED light bulbs to provide precise center beam intensity and beam control—similar to their Halogen counterparts—and a variety of designs are available featuring different beam widths, light colors, efficiency, and luminous power. MR16 LED light bulbs to consume 50% less power than MR16 Halogen bulbs and can function up to 100,000 hours. Compared to the 2,000 to 6,000 hour lifetime of an MR16 Halogen bulb, the installation of MR16 LED light bulbs to eliminate the need for constant bulb replacement and require less maintenance over time. Hence, now you’ve got a really great option for lighting your home in the best way. So, it’s time to change your home lightings with a better version of lightings – MR16 LED bulbs. Hurry up, install them in your home as soon as possible.