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B15 LED Bulbs (Small Bayonet)

Brace yourself, as we are heading to introduce you to one of the finest LED bulb lighting options for your home – B15 LED bulbs. B15 bulbs, or SBC (Small Bayonet Cap), are the "more youthful brothers" of the B22 bulb base with a 15mm measurement cap. Our scope of B15 LED Bulbs includes Dimmable and Non-Dimmable alternatives from brands, for example, Megaman, Kosnic, and more. B15 LED Candle Bulbs are a fantastic decision for your home yet in addition look incredible in Chandeliers or comparative improving light fittings. A B15 LED bulb comes with a bayonet fitting that you'll frequently discover in light fittings specifically. These are indistinguishable to the traditional bayonet fittings you'll be confused about purchasing, which implies you just to connect and turn on. They're not to be mistaken with B22 fittings. Both have bayonet bases, yet B15s are slimmer. Hurry up, purchase for your home today!