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When it comes to something unique and classic kind of lighting option for your home – Candle LED bulbs area considered to be the right choice. Candle light bulbs are designed to look like the flame from a candle (hence their name) and are often used when a more decorative type of light bulb is needed. Many desk lamps, chandeliers and wall lights use these light bulbs to mimic a real candle and give the lamp a vintage look. Most candle light bulbs will be recognizable by their ‘flame’ shape. Candle light bulbs are used in a variety of fittings; there are many different styles and bases available. There is very little variation to the way the light bulbs look, but some may have slightly different design features, such as pointed tips or a ‘flicker-effect’ that is supposed to resemble the flicker of a candle flame. Let’s proceed further for installing them in your home now!