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Golf Ball

Having uniquely-styled LED bulbs at home is such a great blessing, right? Well, with Golf Ball LED bulbs, you can have an amazing-looking home like never before. LED golf ball bulbs – also known as round light bulbs – are ideal for smaller light fittings and lamps. Their name alludes to their shape, as they look like golf balls with a light bulb cap attached. As their name suggests, golf ball light bulbs are small, round light bulbs designed for use in more decorative fixtures, or where space is at a premium. They are most commonly seen in smaller desk lamps or wall lights and are sometimes referred to as ‘round’ light bulbs (although this can be quite an ambiguous term when it comes to light bulbs). Golf ball light bulbs are quite distinctive as the light bulb is often not much larger than its base. Well, the wait is over, get them placed in your home today!