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LED Filament

LED filament light bulbs, which are built to look like traditional carbon filament or Edison light bulbs, have captured the attention of many people seeking a unique and stylish look for their exposed bulb pendants and lamps. These replica bulbs offer the same classic look of a traditional filament bulb, but provide greater energy savings. An LED filament bulb is designed to imitate the original Edison filament bulb—the first kind of light bulb—using LED technology. LED filament bulbs were developed to solve the problem of using traditional carbon filaments and modern tungsten coil technology, both of which aren’t energy-efficient. Instead, LEDs are lined up in a row inside an LED filament bulb to imitate the effect of the traditional filament while using less energy than the original version. Well, now you would have understood why LED Filament is considered to be the best suitable option for your home lighting.