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B22 LED Bulbs (Bayonet)

The classic 'bayonet' fitting light - the single bulb you're ensured to discover in each home the nation over. Be that as it may, the question is would you say you are truly enlightened up about LED bayonet bulbs? If not, you've arrived on the correct page. B22 bulbs have the classic bayonet base fitting, which highlights two 'mounts' on one or the other side of the bulb. This is otherwise called a 'standard' bayonet fitting and is the most well-known in the UK. Ensure you don't get mistaken for B15 bayonet fittings that are smaller and more uncommon. LED B22 bulbs are indistinguishable from the B22 bulbs you're used to purchasing in the shop. The primary difference to consider is the energy saving potential, life span and light nature of LED B22s. They will reduce energy utilization by up to 90%, which is massive when you consider lighting is the second-highest consumer of energy in your home.