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Standard GLS

The GLS (General Lighting Service) is a traditional type of light bulb that has been in use since the early twentieth century. It has the classic, pear-like light bulb shape and its versatility means it is still one of the most popular types of light bulb available today. As GLS light bulbs are so widespread, they are available in a variety of styles. Incandescent GLS light bulbs, which have been used in homes for so long, will soon be banned in the UK under an EU directive that takes effect in September 2018. GLS lamps can be found in almost every household, as they are one of the most versatile light bulbs on the market. LED GLS light bulbs are available in a range of cap types, from the standard ‘push-and-twist’ B22d bayonet cap (BC) to the E27 Edison screw (ES), and many more. They will be replaced by energy-saving alternatives. Hurry up, buy them today!